Types of Electric Motors

In the Indian market, there are two main types of electric motors used in electric scooters or bikes ★permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and brushless DC (BLDC) motor. These electric motors are divided into two main categories ★mid-mounted and hub-mounted. However, customers usually do not pay attention to the type of motor used when purchasing an electric two-wheeler.

Hub-mounted Motors in Top-selling Electric Two-wheelers

Most of the top-selling electric two-wheeler brands in India use hub motors in their vehicles. For example, Ola Electric’s S1 Air and S1X models use hub motors. Similarly, TVS iQube also uses a hub motor. Almost all brands use BLDC type hub motors.

Difference between Mid-mounted and Hub-mounted Motors

In mid-mounted motors, the motor is mounted on the frame or in the middle of the vehicle. On the other hand, hub-mounted motors are mounted on the wheel or the hub. The use of hub-mounted motors can cause problems while driving on rough roads. Due to the motor being mounted in the rear rim, there is a risk of it breaking or coming loose while driving. Hub-mounted motors make very little noise while running.

In conclusion, customers should pay attention to the type of motor used while purchasing an electric two-wheeler, as it plays a vital role in providing power to the vehicle. The use of hub-mounted motors is more common in top-selling electric two-wheelers in India, but the type of motor used depends on the manufacturer and the vehicle’s design.

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