Mahindra Scorpio: Features and Specifications

The Mahindra Scorpio is equipped with a 2198 cc four-cylinder engine. This engine generates a maximum power of 172.45 BHP at 3500 RPM and a peak torque of 400 Nm at 1750-2750 RPM. The vehicle is designed to deliver an excellent driving experience with its automatic transmission. The company offers a boot space of 460 liters, along with a fuel tank capacity of 57 liters.

Popularity in the Market

The Mahindra Scorpio is rapidly gaining popularity in its segment. The company is continuously launching new models to keep up with the increasing demand. Mahindra has several vehicles in the market, and the Mahindra Scorpio is amongst the most popular ones. The vehicle is known for its impressive looks along with robust road presence.

Mahindra Scorpio Price

In the market, the price range of the Mahindra Scorpio is between 13.60 lakh to 24.50 lakh. If this exceeds your budget, there is no need to worry. The company’s older model is available online for a much lower price. You can check out the details of this vehicle online.

Mahindra Scorpio Best Deals

The 2010 model of Mahindra Scorpio is available for sale on the Carwale website. This vehicle is located in Meerut and has traveled 1,10,980 kilometers so far. The diesel engine vehicle is priced at 2.75 lakh. The condition of this vehicle is very good. You can also check out the 2009 model of Mahindra Scorpio on the Carwale website. This vehicle has traveled 1,05,000 kilometers and is priced at 3.94 lakh.

News Summary:

  • The Mahindra Scorpio comes with a 2198 cc engine, automatic transmission, and a fuel tank capacity of 57 liters.
  • The vehicle is gaining popularity in its segment, with the company continually launching new models.
  • The price of the Mahindra Scorpio ranges from 13.60 lakh to 24.50 lakh in the market.
  • The 2010 Mahindra Scorpio model is available for sale on the Carwale website for 2.75 lakh, while the 2009 model is priced at 3.94 lakh.

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