Google to Terminate its Particular Service

Google has announced that it will be shutting down one of its essential services from April 2. Users of this service are advised to save their data immediately. This update has been made on several of Google’s platforms, indicating a major shift in the technology era.

Google’s Data Transfer Information

Google had previously informed that if you use podcasts and have data in it, you should immediately transfer it to YouTube Music. Users can transfer their membership until July 2024. It may take some time to transfer data, and not all podcasts can be transferred to YouTube Music. Google has begun to slowly integrate podcast features with YouTube Music.

Changes to Google’s Services

In the USA, both YouTube Music and podcasts have started appearing in the same app. This will soon be launched in other countries as well. According to the information, globally Google Podcast has been downloaded by more than 500 million people. In fact, Google is adding the podcast feature in YouTube Music, which also includes the RSS feed.

How to Transfer Your Data

After reading this news, there is no need to panic as we will guide you on how to do this. First, you need to visit the Google Podcast app. Here you will see an Export Subscription at the top of the screen which you need to select. Next, you will see an option to Export to YouTube Music, select the export option, and continue. If you want to see the subscription, it will be found in Go to Library. This is how you can save your data.

News Summary:

  • Google is set to shut down one of its essential services from April 2.
  • Users are advised to immediately save their data and transfer it to YouTube Music.
  • The company has begun to integrate podcast features with YouTube Music.
  • Users have been given instructions on how to transfer their data to the new platform.

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