Hyundai Ai3: When the time of Maruti Alto was going on across the country, Hyundai gave a new option to the people by bringing its Eon and Santro, after which the company started reducing the market share of Maruti. The company has always ruled the Indian roads by providing better technology etc. in the same price range.


Hyundai Ai3 Entry level SUV/CUV

Now Hyundai is in a mood to capture the market share of Ignis and Tata Punch in the Indian market by bringing an entry level SUV. Hyundai can bring its model Hyundai Ai3 running successfully abroad for this.

hyundai ai3
hyundai ai3

Price and Features.

Talking about the price and features of the vehicle, it will be available in the range of just Rs 6 lakh and will be able to provide a mileage of 20 kilometers per litre. It will fit in people’s budget both in terms of mileage and purchase. (As reported by

  • The vehicle gets an infotainment display screen system.
  • Keyless entry has been provided in the top model.
  • Power windows have been provided in all the doors along with the alloy wheels.

Will be launched under the name Hyundai Ai3

The vehicle will be launched in India as the Hyundai Ai3 and the vehicle will be provided with the same body contours as the premium vehicles. With the launch of the car, it is expected that it will give tough competition to Tata and Maruti.

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