With the increasing demand for electric vehicles in India, all major automobile manufacturers are gearing up to launch their electric models. Currently, Tata Motors is leading the electric car segment in India. However, Maruti Suzuki is all set to enter the electric vehicle market and will launch its first electric vehicle model, eWX compact SUV, in 2025.

eWX Car Features:
Maruti Suzuki eWX is said to be the most affordable electric car in India, which will offer a range of 230 kilometers on a full charge. The eWX will feature modern design and cutting-edge features. The car will have long window glasses and attractive alloy wheels. The car’s interior will come with a green theme and a long touch screen that will serve as both a speedometer and infotainment.

Design and Price:
The design of the Suzuki eWX is similar to the current wagon models, but the car’s design is enhanced to make it more attractive. The car will have neon bands with a color theme on all four sides. The price of the eWX is not yet confirmed, but according to media reports, it will be the most affordable electric car in India.

Maruti Suzuki’s entry into the electric car market will increase competition and provide customers with more options. The eWX compact SUV is expected to be a game-changer in the electric vehicle segment in India. With its modern design and affordable price, the eWX will be a popular choice for environmentally conscious customers.

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