Today we will talk about Hero company’s Vida v1 pro also known as v1 pro vida, we are going to do its full review today, its price, its specification, its features, today we will talk about its price, it has been launched recently and its comparison with brands like Ola. Is it better than that, let’s find out today.

How much charging time does Vida v1 pro take?

After the range of electric scooter, the biggest requirement is that in how many minutes it is charged in how many hours, then you will be fully charged in 5 hours 55 minutes bye v1pro, but in this you also get the feature of fast charging mode, which is You will be able to fill your battery up to 5% in just 60 minutes, which is a big deal.

How much will be the range in Vida v1 pro

Generally, we feel that the range of all electric scooters is very less, but you will be surprised to know that even electric scooters like Ola have not been able to give more than 100 km range so far, but Vida v1pro has Has promised to give a range of 165 km.

What are the special features in Vida v1 pro electric scooter

Look, all the scooters have the same features in electric scooters, but the advanced features that make them different, if we talk about this scooter, then you will get the features of document storage, the feature of parking assistant. If you have crossed the vehicle somewhere, then you get to see the feature of emergency alert mail in it and also an app is also provided to you from Vida side and at the same time inside it you will get s.o.s. Alerts and buttons are also visible, you will be able to track your bike very easily through remote and you will be able to open its boot space with the key of your electric scooter.

What is the capacity of scooter in Hero Vida v1 pro?

The biggest problem we face in electric scooters also comes with storage, but Vida company has also worked on this, in this you get to see 26 liters of additional storage.

And at the same time, you are also given a separate space to keep your charger inside it, it is not that if you keep the helmet, then you will not be able to charge, both of you have been given separate.

What is the capacity of motor and battery in Vida v1 pro

Talking about motor type, PMSM is being told about its motor type and drive type motor is hub motor and talking about battery capacity, battery capacity is 3.94kwh and battery warranty which is most important it happens you will get 30000 kms and 3 years in it

You can remove its battery very easily and at the same time its battery has got ip67 setting and it is also said to be waterproof, you will be able to know it only in the time of rain and also when you drive this vehicle. If you take reverse then you will also be able to reverse at the speed of 3 km per hour.

vida v1 pro price in India market

If we talk about “What is the price of v1pro electric scooter? The price of Vida b12 then 139000 at present its ex showroom price is going on inside Delhi and if we talk about insurance charge then ₹ 5754 you will also get to see insurance charge.

What is the price of v1pro electric scooter?

Overall, you will get to see the on road price of Rs.144754 within Delhi. If you live in any other state, then you can tell us in the comment section and we will tell you the on road price.

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