• 75 children fell ill after consuming the mid-day meal at Panchayat Bhawan Rikauli, a middle school in Dumra block, Sitamarhi.
  • Complaints of vomiting, stomach ache, and headache were reported, leading to the children being taken to Dumra PHC and Sadar Hospital.
  • The teachers and cooks fled the scene after facing the villagers’ anger, but the police and departmental officers arrived and calmed the situation.
  • About 50 children were treated at PHC, with seven of them being referred to Sadar Hospital. All the children were found to be healthy and were sent home.
  • Rumors spread that a lizard or something from a tree had fallen into the food, which led to the children falling ill.
  • The food was dumped in a pit near the school in the presence of the Dumra police station and DPM Ayush Kumar.
  • Local parents accused the cook of not preparing the food hygienically, and the headmaster was not present during the incident.

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