BJP State President Promises to Wipe Out Criminals in Bihar

  • Samrat Chaudhary, the BJP state president, has stated that if the BJP government comes to power in Bihar in 2025, they will eliminate criminals.
  • Chaudhary emphasized that once the government is formed, they will take immediate action against the wrongdoers in Gaya.
  • He further mentioned that their victory in the Bihar Assembly elections in 2024 and the Lok Sabha elections will lay the foundation for this mission.

Prashant Kishore Predicts Outcome for JDU in 2024

  • Prashant Kishore, a political strategist, made a prediction that the JDU will face a defeat in the 2025 assembly elections in Bihar.
  • Kishore criticized Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, accusing him of betraying the Luvkush community since 1994.
  • He also targeted Lalu-Nitish and Rahul, stating that Lalu Prasad’s government remained in power for 15 years without providing reservations to marginalized groups.

Criticism of the Opposition and Support for Modi

  • Chaudhary criticized the arrogant alliance (INDIA) and accused them of questioning the G-20 summit.
  • He condemned Rahul Gandhi for making false statements about India while traveling abroad and emphasized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts in promoting Make in India.
  • Chaudhary also mentioned that those involved in the fodder scam will face legal consequences.

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