Robbers Loot Rs. 8.06 Lakh from Cashpor Micro Credit NBFC Branch in Raniganj Tetaria

In a brazen daylight robbery, a group of robbers looted Rs. 8.06 lakh from the branch of Cashpor Micro Credit Non-Banking Micro Finance Company in Raniganj Tetaria. The branch manager, Pankaj Akela, revealed that the company runs a women’s group in the village, where women deposit their loan money in the form of weekly installments. The stolen money was collected from these deposits and was being taken to the SBI branch in Imamganj for depositing.

The Ambush and Escape

The incident occurred as the cashier, Praveen Kumar, and the assistant branch manager, Mukesh Kumar, were descending the stairs of the office building with the bag of money. The robbers, who were already lying in wait, snatched the bag forcefully and fled the scene. As the company employees and villagers protested, the criminals fired multiple rounds to intimidate them. The robbers managed to escape on three Apache motorcycles, with two of them looting the money and the other three ready to drive the getaway vehicle.

Investigation and Suspicions

The police have been informed about the robbery, and raids are being conducted to apprehend the culprits. However, there is suspicion surrounding the incident as the company employees delayed reporting the incident. The police are looking into this matter as part of their investigation. Additionally, it was discovered that one of the robbers had been monitoring the villagers, suggesting that the gang had prior knowledge of the company’s operations.


  • A group of robbers looted Rs. 8.06 lakh from the Cashpor Micro Credit Non-Banking Micro Finance Company branch in Raniganj Tetaria.
  • The money was collected from the weekly installments deposited by women in the village as part of a loan program.
  • The robbers ambushed the company employees as they were descending the stairs and fled the scene on motorcycles.
  • The police are conducting raids to apprehend the culprits, and suspicions have arisen regarding the delayed reporting of the incident by the company employees.

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