A blast occurred in the Intercity Express train traveling from Bhagalpur to Jaynagar near the outer signal of Samastipur railway station. Following the blast, smoke and fire started emanating from one of the coaches, causing panic among the passengers. Several people, including a woman, were injured in the incident. The injured woman was admitted to the railway hospital in Darbhanga.

In response to the incident, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) detained two individuals at the Darbhanga station. The authorities are currently investigating the cause of the blast and trying to ascertain the motive behind it. The blast has raised concerns regarding the safety and security of train travel, with passengers expressing their fear and demanding enhanced security measures.

This incident highlights the vulnerability of railway stations and trains to such acts of violence. It is crucial for the authorities to take immediate action to ensure the safety of passengers and prevent further incidents. The investigation should be conducted swiftly and diligently to bring the culprits to justice and prevent future occurrences.

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