Purnia faces Cancer threat

Every day, three cancer patients are being diagnosed in Purnia. Dr. Dev Prakash, in charge of the cancer hospital at GMCH Purnia, stated that the district is witnessing an increase in oral and breast cancer cases. He expressed concern over the rising number of young adults falling prey to oral cancer due to the consumption of tobacco, gutka, and other harmful substances.

Rising cases of Oral Cancer

In the past 12 days, 36 new oral cancer patients have been identified at the hospital. The majority of these patients are young adults aged around 25 years. The hospital has treated a total of 64 oral cancer patients, with over 50 cases of breast cancer and 12 cases of cervical cancer. The hospital authorities have raised an alarm regarding the increasing incidence of cancer among the youth.

Preventive measures and treatment facilities

The hospital in Purnia provides comprehensive facilities for cancer diagnosis and treatment. Biopsies for oral and breast cancer are conducted to confirm the diagnosis. Chemotherapy services are also available for patients requiring further treatment. Dr. Dev Prakash emphasized the importance of avoiding tobacco and other harmful substances to prevent the occurrence of cancer, especially among the youth.

पूर्णिया के लिए खतरे की घंटी बज चुकी है क्योंकि यहां रोजाना कैंसर के मरीज मिल रहे हैं। युवा वर्ग में गुटखा और तंबाकू के सेवन के कारण ओरल कैंसर की संख्या बढ़ रही है। अस्पताल के डॉक्टर ने युवाओं से इन खतरनाक पदार्थों से दूर रहने की अपील की है। अस्पताल में कैंसर की जांच और उपचार की सुविधा मौजूद है।

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