Case of Cyber Fraud in Munger

In Munger, a case of cyber fraud involving Rs. 7.39 lakhs was reported, where the accused returned all the money to the victim. The entire incident took place at the Cyber Crime Thana in Munger district, where Sanjay Kumar, a resident of Brahmanstan in Purabsarai Thana area, filed an online complaint regarding unauthorized transfers from his bank account.

Return of Stolen Money

The accused was pressured by the police and social pressure, leading him to return the full amount to the victim through cash and cheques. After receiving the money, the victim returned to the Cyber Thana to withdraw the complaint, stating that he had received the money from the accused.

Resolution of the Case

Prabhat Ranjan, the Thana in-charge and DSP of traffic, revealed that after the complaint was received, an investigation was conducted, leading to the discovery of Mohammad Shabbir’s involvement in the fraud. A settlement was reached between the parties, and the accused returned the entire amount. The victim withdrew the complaint, and the case was resolved.

मुंगेर में हुई 7 लाख 39 हजार की साइबर ठगी के मामले में आरोपी ने पीड़ित को सारे पैसे वापस कर दिए। पैसे मिलने के बाद पीड़ित के चेहरे पर खुशी लौट आई। पुलिस और सामाजिक दबाव से आरोपी टूट गया और पीड़ित को पूरे पैसे कैश और चेक के जरिये वापस कर दिए। थाना और सामाजिक दबाव के बाद आरोपी ने सारे पैसे वापस कर दिए। अब आरोपी से कोई शिकायत नहीं है।

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