ED raid on Bihar CM Nitish Kumar JDU Party MLC Radha Charan Shah seth jee in aara bhojpur bihar news hindi

ED raids several locations including JDU MLC Radha Charan Shah’s residence
★Photo: Amar Ujala


ED has once again conducted raids at the residences of JDU MLCs in Ara, Bihar. The news of the raids has caused a stir in the city. Prior to this, the ED had summoned JDU MLC Radha Charan Shah, also known as Seth Ji, and his son Kanhaiya Prasad, giving them a 15-day notice to respond.

Previous Raids

Earlier, on February 7, simultaneous raids were conducted at several locations linked to JDU MLCs. However, at that time, JDU MLC Radha Charan was not present in Ara. Despite this, officials reached his residence. The main gate of both his new and old residences has been closed and no one is allowed inside.

Raiding is Not a Big Deal

When ED raided the residence of JDU MLC Radha Charan Shah, he had stated in front of the media that he considers it fortunate that raids are being conducted at his place. Not even a single motorcycle was found in his name, let alone any property. He had mentioned that all our accounts were scrutinized during the previous raid. He had also mentioned that his entire family has been involved in business for a long time. In this situation, conducting raids through income tax is not a big deal.


News Summary:
★The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has conducted raids at the residences of JDU MLC Radha Charan Shah in Ara, Bihar.
★This is not the first time that raids have been conducted at the properties of JDU MLCs.
★During a previous raid, JDU MLC Radha Charan Shah had stated that raids are not a big deal as his family has been involved in business for a long time.

खबर हिंदी में भी समझिए

बिहार के मुख्यमंत्री नीतीश कुमार के नजदीकी सहयोगी और जदयू पार्टी के एमएलसी राधा चरण शाह के आवास पर केंद्रीय एजेंसी का छापा मारा गया है। इसके बाद आरा शहर में उत्पन्न हड़कंप की घटना हुई है। इससे पहले भी ईडी ने राधा चरण शाह और उनके बेटे को समन भेजा था। इस बार भी छापेमारी के बाद राधा चरण साह के आवास के मुख्य गेट को बंद कर दिया गया है। पिछली बार जब ईडी ने राधा चरण साह के घर पर छापेमारी की थी, तो छापेमारी के बाद उन्होंने कहा था कि इससे उनके लिए कोई समस्या नहीं है।

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