**Mahipal Singh Makrana’s Criticism of BJP**

Mahipal Singh Makrana, addressing the media, criticized the BJP in a half-hour speech among the Kshatriya community. He expressed disapproval of the way Purushottam Rupala made inappropriate remarks about Rajput women. Makrana stated that the Karni Sena and Rajput community will never tolerate such behavior. The Rajput community has always been a core voter base for the BJP.

**Demand for Removal of Purushottam Rupala**

After Purushottam Rupala made derogatory comments about women in his community, the Kshatriya community and Karni Sena demanded that the BJP revoke his ticket. Despite warnings from central BJP leadership, Rupala’s ticket was not revoked. In response, the Karni Sena and Rajput community are boycotting the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

**Criticism of Narendra Modi**

Mahipal Singh Makrana also criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating that Modi is not guaranteeing victory in his speeches, as he used to. This lack of confidence in Modi’s speeches indicates that the BJP is facing defeat in the upcoming elections. The continuous attacks on Modi’s platform and the absence of strong guarantees are causing concern within the party.

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महिपाल सिंह मकराना ने मीडिया को जानकारी देते हुए बताया कि उन्होंने बीजेपी के खिलाफ अपनी आपत्ति जताई। उन्होंने कहा कि राजपूत समाज के लोग भाजपा का समर्थन करते थे, लेकिन पुरुषोत्तम रूपाला ने गलत टिप्पणियों के कारण उनके समर्थन में कमी डाल दी है। इसके चलते करणी सेना और राजपूत समाज ने भाजपा के खिलाफ बहिष्कार की मांग की है। वहीं, मकराना ने देश के प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी पर भी हमला किया और कहा कि भाजपा हार रही है।

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