New Flight Schedule for Ayodhya

If you want to visit the grand temple of Lord Ram in Ayodhya and seek darshan of Ram Lalla, there is good news for you. Now, you can travel to Ayodhya without long journeys or the hassle of train reservations. This will be possible through direct air connectivity, as six major airlines in the country have planned to operate 48 flights from Maharshi Valmiki Airport in Ayodhya.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation Approval

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has given the green signal to the airlines’ plan to operate these flights. Starting from April 1st, this flight operation has commenced. Under the current plan, there will be a total of 48 flights available to and from Ayodhya’s Maharshi Valmiki Airport, connecting cities like Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi, Varanasi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Patna, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Darbhanga, Chennai, and Patna.

Flight Operations Details

Out of the 48 flights, 24 flights will operate daily from various destinations to Ayodhya. Additionally, 14 flights will operate three times a week, and the remaining 10 flights will operate four times a week between Ayodhya and different destinations. The roster plan for each airline can be found on their respective websites for more information.

अब आयोध्या आने के लिए नए फ्लाइट शेड्यूल के बारे में बड़ी खबर है। अब आपको अयोध्या आने के लिए लंबी यात्रा नहीं करनी पड़ेगी। देश की चार मुख्य एयरलाइंस ने अयोध्या के महर्षि वाल्मीकि एयरपोर्ट से 48 फ्लाइट्स का ऑपरेशन शुरू किया है। इसमें दैनिक उड़ानों के साथ-साथ सप्ताह में भी उड़ानें होंगी। इससे अब आयोध्या के दर्शन करना और भी आसान हो गया है।

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