Order to Stop Salary of Ulidih Police Station In-Charge

On Tuesday, the court of ADJ-2 Abhas Verma issued an order to halt the salary of Ulidih police station in-charge Amit Kumar.

Reason Behind the Order

The decision was taken after a complaint was filed against Amit Kumar for allegedly misbehaving with a woman during a police investigation.

Legal Action Against Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is facing legal action for his misconduct and the court has directed to stop his salary until further notice.

Impact on Ulidih Police Station

This order has created a stir in the Ulidih police station as it will affect the daily operations and management of the station.

जमशेदपुर के उलीडीह थाना प्रभारी अमित कुमार के वेतन पर रोक का आदेश मंगलवार को एडीजे टू आभास वर्मा की अदालत ने दिया। अमित कुमार के खिलाफ एक गैर-जिम्मेवारी के मुकदमे में रोक लगाने का आदेश जारी किया गया है। इस मामले में अब अगली सुनवाई की तारीख तय की जाएगी।

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