Prashant Kishor predicts INIDI and NDA alliance seats

Political strategist Prashant Kishor, while leading the Jan Suraj Padyatra in Bihar, made predictions about the number of seats the INIDI and NDA alliance would win. He criticized the opposition alliance INDIA and stated that Nitish Kumar’s role within INDI would become limited as the elections approach. Kishor also mentioned his previous prediction about the BJP’s performance in West Bengal.

Dim future for JDU in Lok Sabha elections

Kishor confidently predicted that even the five candidates contesting on the JDU symbol in the next Lok Sabha elections would not be able to win. He attributed this to the declining image and credibility of Nitish Kumar and the lack of organization within JDU in Bihar.

Concerns about Nitish Kumar’s party survival

During his address in Sahebganj, Prashant Kishor expressed concerns about the survival of Nitish Kumar’s party after the Lok Sabha elections. He highlighted how people in every village are ridiculing Kumar for his frequent political changes and emphasized that his main priority is to remain the Chief Minister.

News Summary:

  • Prashant Kishor predicts limited role for Nitish Kumar in INDI
  • Kishor confidently predicts that even the five JDU candidates will not win in the Lok Sabha elections
  • Concerns raised about the survival of Nitish Kumar’s party after the elections

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