INDIA alliance: An alliance of opportunists

Jagran correspondent, Munger: The INDIA alliance is being criticized for being an alliance of opportunists as there has been no discussion on seat sharing and the name of the Prime Ministerial candidate has not been revealed. RCP Singh, a BJP leader and former Union Minister, expressed his views on this matter during a conversation with journalists. He also mentioned that his family has started disintegrating, indicating the internal conflicts within the alliance.

What was said about Nitish Kumar and Lalan Singh?

RCP Singh indirectly referred to Nitish Kumar and Lalan Singh, stating that the number one person had to attend a meeting but even the number two person did not show up to discuss the issue of dengue. This indicates the diminishing enthusiasm and interest in the alliance and opposition.

RCP Singh changed the full form of PM

RCP Singh stated that Nitish Kumar is the current Prime Minister, was the Prime Minister, and will remain the Prime Minister. However, he referred to PM as “backlash,” indicating discontent with Nitish Kumar’s leadership. He also criticized the deteriorating state of affairs in Bihar, with criminals becoming fearless and the city suffering from lack of development.

News Summary:

  • INDIA alliance criticized for lack of discussion on seat sharing and undisclosed Prime Ministerial candidate
  • RCP Singh expresses discontent with the alliance and mentions family disintegration
  • RCP Singh indirectly criticizes Nitish Kumar and Lalan Singh for their absence in a meeting
  • RCP Singh refers to Nitish Kumar as “backlash” and criticizes the worsening situation in Bihar

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