BJP and RJD wrote slogans on the wall

Political tensions are escalating in Bihar as the Lok Sabha elections draw near. The campaign by INDIA (I.NDI.A) has intensified the stir in the state, with the war of words between opposition leaders now spilling onto the streets. In a display of their rivalry, both the BJP and RJD have resorted to writing slogans on the walls of Patna.

While the BJP has targeted the Bihar Government with slogans like ‘How long will Bihar endure?’ and ‘No education, no employment for Paltu Kumar’, the RJD has aimed its slogans directly at the central government. The RJD’s slogans read ‘This is a clear signal from the youth that they want to get rid of the Modi government’ and ‘Modi government is disloyal, just words and false propaganda’.

RJD called BJP a Jumla party

In response to the RJD’s slogans, the BJP has written its own slogans attacking RJD leader Nitish Kumar. One of the slogans reads ‘Sometimes it is yours and sometimes it is our friend, the real unfaithful one is Nitish Kumar’. The RJD has also highlighted the struggles faced by laborers and farmers under the Modi government with slogans like ‘The game of Modi government’s daily torture on laborer farmers is over’ and ‘Modi government will change this time, it has suffered a lot due to inflation’.

The slogan war between the BJP and RJD reflects the intense competition between the two parties in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Bihar.

News Summary:

  • Political tensions rise in Bihar as Lok Sabha elections approach
  • BJP and RJD engage in a slogan war by writing slogans on walls
  • BJP targets Bihar Government, while RJD targets the Modi government
  • Both parties trade slogans attacking each other’s leaders and policies

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