Embracing Classical Music and Kathak Dance

Nishu, a 12-year-old girl from Begusarai, has chosen to pursue classical music and Kathak dance as her passion, in a time when most young people prefer Western music. Initially, her decision was not well-received by many, but now her talent is gaining recognition and support from her community and even the administration, providing her with financial assistance as well.

From School Programs to Statewide Recognition

Nishu’s interest in classical music and Kathak dance was sparked during a school music program, leading her to join Mithila Music College in Bihta to further her skills. Since 2020, she has been consistently making a name for herself through her hard work, winning top honors in district and state-level programs. She is now set to showcase her talent at the Bihar Mahotsav and has even been selected for a regional television show.

Overcoming Challenges and Making a Mark

Despite facing criticism initially, Nishu has persevered with the unwavering support of her family, drawing inspiration from renowned figures like Pandit Birju Maharaj. Today, she is not only earning accolades and medals but also changing societal perceptions with her dedication to classical music. Nishu regards Pandit Birju Maharaj as her role model and is carving a niche for herself in the realm of classical music, making Begusarai district proud.

नीरज कुमार, बेगूसराय के 12 वर्षीय निशु ने शास्त्रीय संगीत और कथक नृत्य को अपनी पहचान बनाया है। उसने अपनी मेहनत और प्रतिभा से जिला से लेकर प्रदेश स्तर तक के कार्यक्रमों में प्रथम स्थान प्राप्त किया है। उसे आर्थिक सहायता और एक क्षेत्रीय टेलीविजन शो के लिए चयन भी हुआ है। उसका आदर्श पंडित बिरजू महाराज है और वह आज बेगूसराय जिले की शान बनी हुई है।

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