Gurprakash Singh Virk and Mallika Begum come from different regions, languages, and religions, yet they formed a unique bond of friendship. This relationship was established during the 1989 Bhagalpur riots when Mallika was trapped in a pond, amidst the chaos of the riots. Singh Saab, an army officer, saved her from the violence. After the riots subsided, they lost touch for 33 years until Mallika insisted on receiving Singh Saab’s blessings at her son’s wedding. Eventually, Singh Saab traveled to Bhagalpur with his wife and blessed Mallika and her family.

During the Bhagalpur riots, Mallika, who was around 12-13 years old at the time, was stuck near a pond in Sabour Chanderi. She witnessed the death and destruction around her. Mallika herself had been injured by a sword attack on her leg and was admitted to an army hospital in Danapur. During her five-month stay, Singh Saab and his wife Rajwant Virk would often visit the hospital to check on Mallika’s condition. However, they lost contact after Singh Saab was transferred.

Gurprakash Singh Virk’s memory resurfaced when Mallika unexpectedly posted an emotional message on social media on August 30th. The post included old pictures of the two of them. Mallika then sent an invitation for Singh Saab to attend her son’s wedding. Unable to resist, he traveled from Mohali to Bhagalpur to bless Mallika’s son and daughter-in-law. Mallika was overwhelmed with joy upon meeting Singh Saab, feeling as if she was seeing two angels standing before her.

After retiring from the army in 1999 and settling in Mohali, Punjab, Singh Saab started a security company, while Mallika’s family opened a security company in Bhagalpur to provide employment opportunities to the youth. Singh Saab’s wife, Rajwant Virk, runs an educational institution. When Singh Saab arrived in Bhagalpur, Mallika’s entire family was filled with emotions and gratitude.

Overall, the story of Gurprakash Singh Virk and Mallika Begum’s bond showcases the power of friendship and the ability to overcome barriers of language, religion, and region. Despite the differences between them, they formed a deep connection that lasted for over three decades.

यह कहानी उन दो परिवारों के बारे में है जो अलग प्रांतों, भाषाओं और मजहबों से होने के बावजूद एक दूसरे के साथ एक निश्छल रिश्ता बनाते हैं। इस रिश्ते का बीजारोपण 1989 में भागलपुर के दंगे के दौरान हुआ था, जब मल्लिका बेगम को उनके पैर पर तलवार से घायल होने के कारण सेना अधिकारी सिंह साब ने उन्हें बचाया था। इसके बाद सिंह साब और मल्लिका का संपर्क टूट गया था, लेकिन 33 साल बाद मल्लिका ने अपने बेटे के निकाह में सिंह साब के आशीर्वाद लेने की जिद पर अड़ी रही और अंततः उन्होंने खुद को रोक नहीं सके और पंजाब में सिंह साब से मिलने पहुंच गये। इस रिश्ते को यह कहानी बहुत अनोखी बनाती है और इससे यह साबित होता है कि प्यार और समझदारी के बंधन को कोई भी तोड़ नहीं सकता।

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Serving "जहाँ Indian वहाँ India" Since 2014. I Started News Desk in Early Days of India Internet Revolution and 4G. I write About India for Indians.

Serving "जहाँ Indian वहाँ India" Since 2014. I Started News Desk in Early Days of India Internet Revolution and 4G. I write About India for Indians.

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