UP News: Illegal Colony in Agra’s Shahganj Area Demolished by Agra Development Authority

The Agra Development Authority demolished an illegal colony being constructed on a 3500 square meter plot with khasra number 617 in Dhanoli area of Shahganj. The colony was being developed by Sunil Nagar, Dharmvir, Omvir, Banwari, Manoj Kumar, Bhupendra, and Gaurav without obtaining the necessary map approval or permission for residential construction. The Assistant Engineer Development Team destroyed the roads and walls being built in the colony under section 27 of the Uttar Pradesh Nagar Nigam Act and Development Law.

Demolition and Rebuilding Despite Sealing

In the Shahganj ward, Manoj Kumar Goel, son of oil mafia Goel, illegally constructed a building on plot number without obtaining the necessary map approval. The multi-storey commercial building was sealed, but the oil mafia broke the seal and resumed construction. The Assistant Engineer, along with the Enforcement Assistant Engineer and the Rapid Action Team, conducted another sealing operation. Manoj Goel had previously constructed buildings without permission in the restricted area of Bhagwan Talkies.

Encroachment Cleared in Baluganj

The Nagar Nigam’s enforcement team cleared the area in Baluganj where auto parts shops and vehicles were illegally parked on the road. The team warned that if vehicles were found parked illegally again, fines would be imposed. In the Lohamandi Zone, the team removed 54 stalls, 14 encroachments, and 11 tin sheds near Prithvinath Temple on a 100-foot road. A fine of Rs. 36,500 was collected for the encroachments. Junior Engineer Pawan Kumar and Sanitary Inspector Rajiv Baliyan were present during the operation.

31 Buffaloes Seized from Air Force Station

Led by the Animal Health and Welfare Officer Ajay Kumar Singh, 31 buffaloes were seized at the Tata Gate of the Air Force Station on Wednesday. When the municipal cattle catcher team arrived, the livestock owners created a commotion and protested against the seizure of buffaloes. However, the municipal team successfully took the animals away.

आगरा के शाहगंज क्षेत्र के धनौली में एक अवैध कॉलोनी निर्माण के मामले में आगरा विकास प्राधिकरण ने खेत को ध्वस्त कर दिया है। इसके अलावा शाहगंज वार्ड में तेल माफिया मनोज कुमार गोयल ने बिना नक्शा पास कराए अपने प्लाट पर अवैध निर्माण करवाया है। सील तोड़कर निर्माण करने के बाद इसे फिर से सील किया गया है। इसके साथ ही नगर निगम की प्रवर्तन टीम ने बालूगंज में अतिक्रमण करने वाले वाहनों को हटाया है। इसके अलावा एयरफोर्स स्टेशन से 31 भैंसों को भी जब्त किया गया है।

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Serving "जहाँ Indian वहाँ India" Since 2014. I Started News Desk in Early Days of India Internet Revolution and 4G. I write About India for Indians.

Serving "जहाँ Indian वहाँ India" Since 2014. I Started News Desk in Early Days of India Internet Revolution and 4G. I write About India for Indians.

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