IREDA Share Price: A Rollercoaster Ride for Investors 🎢

🔹 IREDA, the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited, made its debut in the market on 29th November last year. Since then, the share price has shown significant fluctuations, leaving investors uncertain about its future performance.

📈 Impressive Returns: In just two months after listing, IREDA shares provided investors with double or even triple returns. However, the recent decline in the share price has raised concerns among buyers.

📉 Recent Downturn: Over the last three trading sessions, IREDA shares have witnessed a 5-5% decline. This comes after a period of consistent growth, which saw the share price reach its peak in 52 weeks.

💸 Current Status: On Friday, the share price settled at Rs. 179.60, marking a 5% decrease with lower circuit limits. In the past three days alone, the company’s shares have witnessed a nearly 13% drop.

🔻 Share Value Analysis: IREDA shares were trading at Rs. 171 on Monday, with a further decline of 5.01%. The company’s shares currently have a face value of Rs. 214.80 and a minimum price of Rs. 50.

📊 IPO Success: IREDA launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in November 2023, listing it on the BSE at a price of Rs. 50 per share. The IPO issue price was set at Rs. 30-32 per share.

💰 Remarkable Growth: Within just two months of its listing, IREDA shares have surged from Rs. 50 to Rs. 214. This translates to a staggering return of nearly 250% during this period, with over 70% returns in just one month.

⬇️ Recent Decline: Despite the impressive growth, IREDA shares have experienced a consistent downturn over the past three days. As a result, many investors are now looking to sell their shares, but there are currently no buyers in the market.

💡 Interesting Fact: Approximately 20 million IREDA shares are awaiting sale, leaving investors who purchased shares at Rs. 200 with substantial losses. The lower circuit limit for IREDA shares remains uncertain, further adding to the investors’ dilemma.

In Short, the IREDA share price has been on a rollercoaster ride, providing investors with significant gains followed by recent declines. The future trajectory of the share price remains uncertain, leaving investors in a state of uncertainty. 📉🎢

Disclaimer: This is News Coverage with Opinions of Experts and Should Not Be Taken as Direct Market Buying Tip. Market is always subject to risk. We recommend taking our content as research before investing.

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Serving "जहाँ Indian वहाँ India" Since 2014. I Started News Desk in Early Days of India Internet Revolution and 4G. I write About India for Indians.

Serving "जहाँ Indian वहाँ India" Since 2014. I Started News Desk in Early Days of India Internet Revolution and 4G. I write About India for Indians.

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