Suzlon Vs Jio Financial Share | There is always a search for good stocks to invest in the stock market. In such a situation, let’s check today whether investing in Jio Financial will be more profitable than investing in Suzlon Energy shares.

Investment in Jio Financial increased

If we want to talk about Jio Financial, it is necessary to stop the decline in this share first. After this, when normal trading starts in it, one will get an idea of ​​which direction this stock will go. But after the listing, there has been a big fall in Jio Financial’s share.

But one good thing is that now big investors are coming in this stock. Fund house Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund has invested around Rs 754 crore in Jio Financial on Friday. Motilal Oswal has purchased around 3.72 crore shares from this investment. The company has 0.6 percent stake in Jio Financial. While LIC has more than 6 percent stake in Jio Financial. In such a case, it can be assumed that this stock will give returns but will have to be bought for a long time.

At the same time, if seen in Suzlon Energy, this investment is being invested on a large scale. The position of Suzlon Energy has changed since last 3 months. The company has become a debt-free company for the first time in 15 years. Apart from this, Suzlon Energy has also received several large orders. This is why this share is showing a very fast movement at present.

Suzlon Energy Share – 128.57 percent return in 3 months

Shares of Suzlon Energy have returned about 17.89 percent in one month. While Suzlon Energy’s stock has returned nearly 128.57 percent in 3 months. So from January 1, 2023, this stock has given a return of almost 111.32 percent so far. While Suzlon Energy’s stock has returned nearly 165.09 percent in a year. Besides, if someone holds Suzlon Energy shares for 3 years, he has got almost 467 percent return.

Suzlon Energy Share Target Price 1

Brokerage firm Sharekhan has given a buy recommendation on Suzlon Energy shares. Brokerage Sharekhan has set a target price of Rs 35 on shares of Suzlon Energy.

Suzlon Energy Shares Target Price 2

So, brokerage house JM Financial has also advised to buy Suzlon Energy. JM Financial has set a target price of Rs 30 on shares of Suzlon Energy.

Disclaimer | Investing in mutual funds and stock market is based on risks. Be sure to consult your financial advisor before investing in the stock market. shall not be liable for any financial loss.

News Title: Suzlon Vs Jio Financial Share Price on 17 September 2023.

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