Multibagger Stocks: Jai Balaji Industries Share Price on 01 March 2024

In the stock market, multibagger stocks provide strong returns to investors. Jai Balaji Industries Limited is one such stock that has become a multibagger for investors in the past year. The metal stock Jai Balaji Industries Limited has given a multibagger return of over 2,000% in just one year.

Over the past five trading sessions, the company’s shares have seen a rapid increase of about 15%. Jai Balaji Industries Limited manufactures iron and steel products, including pig iron, sponge iron, TMT bars, and ferrochrome. The company operates its business both in India and overseas.

On Friday (01 March 2024), the share was trading at ₹1,275 with a decrease of 0.59%. The market capitalization of Jai Balaji Industries is ₹21,000 crores. The current share price is ₹1,251.00. The stock has delivered a multibagger return of approximately 2,460% from ₹49.65 in February 2023 to its current price.

This means that if someone had invested ₹1 lakh in the company’s shares a year ago, the investment would now be around ₹25.60 lakhs.

On the other hand, the revenue for the second quarter of FY24 decreased from ₹1,547 crores in the third quarter of FY24 to ₹1,539 crores, while the profit increased from ₹202 crores to ₹235 crores.

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