🌿 KPI Green Energy Share Price Update: 24 May 2024 📈

📉 KPI Green Energy has announced a stock split, with the company dividing 1 share into 2 shares. On Thursday, the company’s shares were trading around ₹1,928 with a growth of more than 2.5%. The decision to split the stock was made during the company’s board meeting on Thursday.

📊 The company will split the stock into 2 shares for investors at an indicated price of ₹5 each and one share at an indicated price of ₹10. This is the first time the company has decided to split its stock. The company will soon announce the record date for the stock split after shareholder approval.

💰 On Friday, the share was trading at around ₹1,875 with a decrease of 1.06%. KPI Green Energy has also announced its first dividend, declaring a final dividend of 2% on equity shares at an indicated price of ₹10 for FY24. Information about the record date will be available after the company’s annual general meeting.

📈 If you look at the stock movement, it has dropped by more than 3% in the last five days, but has gained over 140% in the past six months and 433% in the last year. The stock was listed in April 2022 and has seen a whopping 992% surge since then.

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