Piccadily Agro Share Price 12 February 2024: A Record-breaking Quarter!


Piccadily Agro Industries recently announced its financial results for the December quarter, and the numbers are impressive! The company recorded a record revenue collection of ₹192 crore in the quarter, marking a significant milestone.


Comparing the December 2023 quarter to the same period last year, Piccadily Agro Industries saw a staggering 322.5% growth in net profit. This outstanding performance has led to a surge in the company’s share price.


On Friday, 9th February 2024, Piccadily Agro Industries’ shares closed at ₹332.50, up by 4.99%. However, on Monday, 12th February 2024, the shares experienced a slight dip of 2.41% and were trading at ₹324.


Piccadily Agro Industries has been on a winning streak ever since its ‘Indri Diwali 2023 Edition’ won the award for the world’s best whiskey last year. In just six months, the company’s shares have doubled the investment for those who invested ₹1 lakh six months ago, which now stands at ₹3.85 lakh!


Back on 11th July 1997, Piccadily Agro Industries’ shares were trading at just 25 paise. Fast forward to today, and the shares have soared to ₹332.50. During this period, the company’s shares have delivered a whopping 132,900% return to its investors!


Over the past five days, Piccadily Agro Industries’ share price has seen an 8% increase. In the last year alone, the company’s shares have provided a return of ₹7.71 lakh on a ₹1 lakh investment. The shares were trading at ₹38.70, close to its 52-week low, before this surge.


Piccadily Agro Industries has achieved an impressive 55.89% revenue growth in the December quarter compared to the same period last year. In a statement, the company said, “The extraordinary growth and strong performance in the December 2023 quarter are a testament to the dedication and hard work of the company’s team. Operational excellence is also a crucial part of the company’s commitment.”


With such remarkable results and promising growth, Piccadily Agro Industries is definitely a stock to watch out for! Investors are eagerly keeping an eye on the company’s future performance and potential for further gains.


So, keep an eye on Piccadily Agro Industries as it continues to make waves in the market, delivering impressive results and rewarding its investors with substantial returns on their investments!

Disclaimer: This is News Coverage with Opinions of Experts and Should Not Be Taken as Direct Market Buying Tip. Market is always subject to risk. We recommend taking our content as research before investing.

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