Remedium Life Care Share Price Soars, Investors Reap Benefits 📈💰

Remedium Life Care company has shown a phenomenal growth in its share price, offering great returns to its investors. The total market capitalization of the company stands at ₹1,400 crore. In Monday’s trading session, the company’s shares touched ₹700, marking a significant increase.

The 52-week high for Remedium Life Care shares was ₹898, while the low was ₹35. As of Tuesday, 20th February 2024, the share closed at ₹690.25, showing a 0.17% increase. On Wednesday, 21st February 2024, the share was trading at ₹720, up by 4.31%.

Over the past five days, investors in Remedium Life Care have seen a 51% increase in their investments. In the last month alone, the company’s shares have provided a 32% return to investors. Looking back over the past year, the company’s shares have given an impressive 1,677% return, reaching from ₹39 to ₹700.

Those who bought shares of Remedium Life Care on 25th February 2019 at ₹2.75 have seen a whopping increase of 25,120% in their investment value. Similarly, investors who purchased shares on 25th May 2018 at ₹2.25 have witnessed a 30,789% surge in share price.

Established in 1988, Remedium Life Care primarily deals in advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and products. The company is associated with APIs and Intermediates related to pharmaceuticals. It caters to both local and global generic pharma players, selling APIs and other intermediates.

By 28th July 2023, the company issued bonus shares to its investors in a 9:5 ratio. The company then split the stock in a 1:2 ratio, dividing the shares. A record date was set for a stock split on 1st September 2023.

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