RVNL Share Price Soars with New Orders

RVNL, a public sector business company, is witnessing a rapid increase in its share price. The company recently secured a new order worth 160.08 crore rupees from East Coast Rail. Last Friday, the company’s share closed at 390 rupees, showing a 0.09% decrease. RVNL’s total market capitalization is 81,315 crore rupees.

On Tuesday, June 18, 2024, RVNL stock rose by 2.43% to trade at 399.70 rupees. However, on Wednesday, June 19, the share witnessed a 2.17% decline, trading at 388 rupees.

RVNL has been awarded the task of installing an automatic block signaling system with a dual multi-section digital axle counter under a new order. The company has also been assigned work for existing electronic interlocking, panel interlocking, and route relay interlocking stations.

RVNL aims to work on the Jakhapura-Gudi, Khurda Road, and Bhusundapur-Golnathra sections of the Eastern Coastal Railway in its new project. The company has been given 24 months to complete the project.

In the March 2024 quarter, RVNL reported a 33.2% increase in net profit, reaching 478.6 crore rupees. This was higher than the 359 crore rupees earned in the same quarter of the previous financial year.

RVNL’s revenue in the quarter ending March 2014 increased by 17.4%, reaching 6,714 crore rupees. The company’s EBITDA for the same quarter stood at 456.4 crore rupees, a 21.8% increase from the previous year.

Over the past month, RVNL’s shares have provided investors with a 41% return. In the last six months, investors have earned a 113% profit from the company’s shares. Over the past year, the share price has increased by 217%. In the last four years, RVNL stock has grown by 2025%.

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