Introduction: Suzlon Share Company and Gautam Adani’s Entry in Wind Turbine Manufacturing Sector

Stock market company of electric equipment sector and wind turbine manufacturing sector in India. Suzlon share company Now Gautam Adani may have to face big difficulties, because now Gautam Adani is also making his entry in the wind turbine manufacturing sector, so initially we will look at the functioning of Suzlon Energy along with the current situation of Suzlon Energy and after that Gautam Adani We are going to get detailed information about the entry in wind turbine through today’s news article.

suzlon share company information

Suzlon Energy, along with the manufacturing of wind turbines, also does its construction and maintenance work, it is a leading company in India, it is the fourth largest company in Asia and the eighth largest company in the world, its founder Tulsi Tanti had built it since 2001, Suzlon Energia is a number one company in India’s renewable sector, with which the company has successfully worked with more than 19,000 customers globally.

Current status of suzlon share

Suzlon share Quarterly results were presented in June 2023, in which the company had registered profit for the first time, since then this stock has registered a good rise in the last 6 months, the company has given returns of 210% in the last 6 months. So, in the last 1 year it has received 197% returns, which means the current condition of the company is quite good.

The current situation of Suzlon Share Company is quite good, because the company has come in profit for the first time in 3 years and along with this, India’s super investor Mukul Agarwal has also registered a holding of Rs 290 crore in this company, due to which this company is in good condition. A significant increase has been recorded and the company has also received a new order of 31.5 MW from integrum energy infrastructure private limited.

suzlon share

Gautam Adani’s biggest challenge

Suzlon Energy did not face any challenge from India in the field of wind construction, but now Gautam Adani, owner of India’s leading industrialist Adani Group, has completely cleared the issues regarding his entry in the wind energy business because India has now received a certificate for 5.2 MW, Adani Group has signed an agreement with a German wind turbine manufacturing company.

Suzlon share company India is the leading company in wind turbines and it manufactures 3.1 MW turbines, but if we talk about Adani Group which will now manufacture 5.2 MW turbines, then Suzlon Energy share may now have to face the biggest challenge.

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