Vodafone Idea Share Price: 25 May 2024

📈 The Vodafone Idea stock showed a strong uptrend on Thursday, closing at ₹14.05 with a 4% increase.

📈 The stock is still being heavily bought today, as the company prepares for the rollout of 5G technology.

🤝 Vodafone Idea is in talks with various network vendors, including Ericsson, to facilitate the 5G rollout.

📈 The stock saw a significant 8.90% increase on Friday, 24 May 2024, trading at ₹15.30.

📉 Over the past three months, the Vodafone Idea stock has seen a 20% decline.

📉 From January to May 2024, the stock has dropped by 12%.

📈 However, over the past year, the stock price has nearly doubled.

💰 Investors in Vodafone Idea have seen a return of 66% over the past three years.

🔔 Brokerage firm Nomura upgraded Vodafone Idea’s stock rating from ‘Sell’ to ‘Neutral’.

🎯 Nomura experts have set a target price of ₹15 for Vodafone Idea’s stock.

🔔 At the beginning of May, brokerage firm BFA Securities also upgraded Vodafone Idea’s stock rating to ‘Neutral’.

Disclaimer: This is News Coverage with Opinions of Experts and Should Not Be Taken as Direct Market Buying Tip. Market is always subject to risk. We recommend taking our content as research before investing.

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