Earn Money from Old Notes and Coins: A Lucrative Opportunity for Indian Youth


In today’s challenging economic times, many young Indians are looking for ways to earn money from the comfort of their homes. And now, a great opportunity has emerged for those who want to make a good income without much effort. All you need is a 50 rupee note.

The Demand for Old Notes and Coins:

Online platforms have witnessed a significant increase in demand for old notes and coins. There are several websites in the global market where you can buy and sell old items. Currently, these websites are offering to buy 50 rupee notes and are willing to pay up to 4 lakhs in return. Due to the scarcity of these notes in the market, it is relatively easy to find them and add them to your treasure trove. However, there are certain rules you must follow to ensure a profitable transaction.

The Price of Rare Notes:

To sell a 50 rupee note in the international market, you must first possess a note with the serial number 786 written on it. This number holds great significance for followers of Islam, as it is considered lucky and sacred. For them, 786 symbolizes prosperity and progress. Therefore, they are willing to pay a high price to acquire such a note. If you have a 50 rupee note with this unique serial number, you can sell it for up to 4 lakhs. And if you happen to possess three such notes, you can easily earn 12 lakhs.

Selling Coins:

If you are interested in selling coins, you can visit the website Quikr.com. Register yourself as a seller, upload pictures of the old coins, provide your contact information, and fill in all the required details. Potential buyers will then contact you to make a purchase. However, before buying or selling coins, it is essential to read the guidelines provided by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).


Earning money from old notes and coins has become a lucrative opportunity for young Indians. With the increasing demand for these items in the online market, it is now possible to make a good income without much effort. So, if you have a 50 rupee note or some old coins lying around, consider exploring this opportunity and turn them into a profitable venture.

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