Honda is all set to establish its dominance in the scooter market with the launch of the Honda Activa 7G. This scooter promises to deliver an exceptional performance, from its engine to its battery. There are also reports suggesting that an electric version of the Activa 7G will be introduced. In this article, we will delve into the details of this scooter, including its features and various variants.


The Honda Activa 7G comes equipped with both a petrol engine and a hybrid engine. Notably, it features a powerful 109cc hybrid engine, which is combined with a battery. The range of this scooter is already impressive, so one can only imagine the capabilities of its electric version.


The Activa 7G offers a digital meter instead of an analog one, providing users with a modern and stylish display. Additionally, it includes a digital speedometer, digital trip meter, and digital odometer. The scooter also boasts an increased under-seat storage capacity, allowing riders to carry more items conveniently.


The Honda Activa 7G is available in various variants, each with its own price range. Here are the details:

1. Activa 6G STD: Priced at Rs. 73,086
2. Activa 6G DLX: Priced at Rs. 75,586
3. Activa 125 Drum (BSVI): Priced at Rs. 77,062
4. Activa 125 Drum Alloy (BSVI): Priced at Rs. 80,730
5. Activa 125 Disc (BSVI): Priced at Rs. 84,235
6. Activa Premium Edition Deluxe: Priced at Rs. 76,587


The Honda Activa 7G is a highly anticipated scooter in the market, offering impressive features and performance. With its hybrid engine and potential electric version, it is set to revolutionize the scooter industry. Moreover, the Activa 7G comes in various variants, catering to different preferences and budgets. Overall, it is a scooter worth considering for those looking for a reliable and stylish ride.

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