Do you have a pink-colored ₹20 note in your possession? If you do, then you could potentially make a fortune by selling it from the comfort of your own home. Old Indian notes and coins have been fetching a considerable profit in the market for some time now. With the help of online platforms, you can sell your old notes and earn good money. However, there are certain characteristics and features that your old ₹20 note should possess in order to be valuable. Let’s find out more about the special attributes of these ₹20 notes.

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The significance of the number 786 in old ₹20 notes:

According to the Muslim community, the number 786 is considered very lucky and auspicious. People are even willing to pay lakhs of rupees for notes with this number. If you possess a pink-colored ₹20 note with the serial number 786, you could potentially receive ₹500,000 in exchange for it. Furthermore, if you have eight such notes, people are ready to offer ₹40 lakhs. Let’s find out how and where you can sell these old notes.

Where and how to sell old ₹20 notes:

To sell your old ₹20 note, the first step is to visit the website Once on the homepage, complete the registration process using your mobile number. Your mobile number will be verified through an OTP (One-Time Password). After the verification process, you need to log in as a seller. Finally, you need to upload a photo of the note along with your mobile number on the website and leave it there. Customers will contact you directly. Note: Before buying or selling coins, make sure to read the guidelines provided by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

In conclusion, if you have old ₹20 notes with special characteristics like the number 786, you have the potential to make a significant profit by selling them online. Follow the steps mentioned above and explore the market for old notes and coins. Remember to always stay informed about the guidelines set by the RBI. Start searching through your collection today and turn your old notes into a valuable asset.

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