The Deteriorating State of Indian Politicians

The state of politicians in India is rapidly declining, with many of them being involved in criminal activities. These politicians, who are supposed to be the leaders of the nation, have forgotten their responsibilities and are indulging in corrupt practices. Despite being elected representatives, they seem to have no regard for the welfare of the people. Instead, they focus on using their power and influence for personal gain. This article sheds light on the deplorable behavior of Indian politicians and the impact it has on the country.

1. The Rise of Criminal Politicians:
– Majority of politicians have criminal records.
– They exploit their freedom in India.
– The politicians forget their boundaries in a free India.

2. Lack of Accountability:
– Politicians reach legislative assemblies through money and power.
– They remain unaffected by public concerns.
– They watch movies on their mobile phones during assembly sessions.

3. Disregard for Legislative Decorum:
– Despite the presence of 360-degree cameras in the assembly, politicians engage in unethical activities.
– Instances of watching movies in the assembly have come to light.

4. Recent Incidents:
– A video capturing a legislator watching a movie on his mobile phone went viral.
– The legislator showed no concern for what was happening in the assembly.
– The audio of the movie could be heard in the vicinity.

5. Lack of Consequences:
– While action was taken against the legislator, no significant lessons have been learned.
– Politicians continue to act as if they are above the law.
– The reputation of elected representatives is being tarnished.

The behavior of Indian politicians in recent times has highlighted their disregard for the welfare of the people and their responsibilities as elected representatives. They indulge in unethical activities, such as watching movies during assembly sessions, without any consequences. This lack of accountability and respect for legislative decorum is a cause for concern. It is high time that politicians are held accountable for their actions and that measures are taken to restore the dignity and integrity of the political system in India.

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